The Groundhog’s Prediction

Did you hear?  No shadow. Spring is on its way.  Though I think the groundhog forgot to tell Mother Nature, because I had to endure two hockey games, this weekend, in under thirty degree weather.

Of course, why would Mother Nature listen to a groundhog, that’s only something us humans do.

In other news, our basement is getting an upgrade.  Last week, was the first official week of work, that will eventually culminate in a finished basement.  It’s not my first choice of projects (you know how I feel about the exterior of my house)…but, I’m excited.  Even though it’s small space, it’s just enough room to house all our fitness equipment, drums, and guitar.

We’ve never had a basement, before, let alone a finished one.  It will be nice to have an exercise room and space that the kids aren’t afraid to go into.  That’s my elliptical, on the far left, draped in cloth, she’s been begging for me for a while now.

Here’s what it looked like on day one.

I’ll keep you posted.

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