The Home Stretch

Sorry for my unintended absence, last week.  Don’t worry, I have a doctor’s note, or two, since that’s how the week started and ended for me, with my two boys either catching the same virus that showed up two different ways, or two separate viruses.  Really, who can be sure?  (Certainly, not the doctor.)

Throw in a field trip (where Second Son’s fever began) and a Phillies game, and that pretty much summed up my week.

The Phillies game is our yearly baseball fundraiser.  Parents are asked to sell tickets to the game and the kids get to parade around the Phillie’s field right before the start of the game, with their adoring fans (us) cheering for them. It’s pretty cool.  (Sorry for the crappy picture, I thought I was on automatic.) Then, we all get to trudge up to the nosebleed sections and watch the game.  And when I say nosebleed, I’m not kidding.  We were in the very last row of the stadium.

This year, however, my parents happened to have two tickets in a much better section, so the boys took turns sitting with my dad, running him back and forth to the concession stand, while the rest of us sat in the cheap seats.Don’t let this picture fool you, she had a great time hanging out with her Daddy and Grandma.

We all had fun.  However, the biggest thrill of the night was Second Son and I getting on Phanavision!  He was a little nervous sitting so high up, so I took him down to the terrace below, where the camera man happened to appear.  He’s kind of lucky like that (even with a fever).  Here he is right before our big debut on the screen behind him.

This weekend was no less busy.Saturday, wrapped up Second Son’s t-ball days and Sunday, we hosted a baseball party for First Son’s team, welcoming back the water slide.  Little Lady was right in the mix of things.

Today, we are heading into the home stretch of school.  I simply can’t believe that First Son is finishing up second grade and Second Son, kindergarten.  It’s always amazing to me how time can move so slowly and yet, at lightening speed, at the same time.


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