The Junk Drawer(s)

Can somebody, anybody, please tell me what is going on in this drawer?  And, if I dumped the contents of this drawer, would I miss one single thing in it?  You know what the saddest part about this drawer is? There are four more just like it. Warning: If you’re one of those people who experiences heart palpitations and feelings of anxiety at the sight of clutter (don’t laugh, I know a few), it’s time to look away.Is it any wonder that I lost my camera manual AGAIN? I found it later, in the least obvious of places, my camera bag. I think you can tell from the drawer shots, why I didn’t look there first. Maybe I would do better with less space to organize. I can’t help but notice that as my drawer space increases, so does my mess, exponentially.

Not to make excuses, but I have to prioritize my cleaning and these drawers are low on the list.  If I wanted everything to be clean and organized in my life, I would have to send my family away for AT LEAST one week and call in some professionals to set me straight (and then my family would have to move into a new house and only be allowed to visit this house once a week for maybe an hour or two at best).

However,  every few months, I look in these drawers and think, that’s it, I need to clean these out. Then, I start going through them and I just don’t know what to do with all this stuff.  Finding a place for it just means more organizing, which means going through more stuff. Stuff that is nonessential to my everyday life, yet essential enough that I can’t throw it out.  Then, I begin to feel overwhelmed, shut the drawers and address the more immediate messes in my life, like the dirty dishes in the sink.  Today, though, I think it might be time for a little spring cleaning.  Of course, it’s not spring yet, and I don’t want to get ahead of myself, and I did find the camera manual I was looking for…..I think, for now, I’ll just close the drawers.

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