The Last Day of the Dreaded Morning Routine

He usually leaves, first, and goes the back way, because it’s faster.  I think because he is second, he likes to be first.  When he leaves, the air lightens just a little and so does my stress.  God love him, but I don’t know if there’s been one single, solitary morning where he hasn’t run into his brother’s room, just as we are in the middle of the morning rush, to jump on his bed, yell, and steal his things.

This inevitably sets up a battle that is waged until the final moments of the morning.  Then, this one sets off, usually running.Because he is late, as per usual.  Whether, it’s because he can’t find his shoes, backpack, lunch bag, homework, water, snack, whatever, or just because he has procrastinated as much as possible, hoping that I will drive him to school, his final moments almost always culminate in a jog.  And my stress level goes down just a wee bit more.

Then, she, the Little Lady herself, lagging behind, because she has to find the most inappropriate outfit, tiny little pet, giant sock monkey, or we have to reverse her shoes, yet another time, takes off, almost always on her bike.And we arrive, to find the gang at the bus stop, seven boys and one girl, who have spent practically every rainy, sunny, snowy, cold, hot, dreary morning together, since September, racing, talking, sharing Pokemon, laughing, and sometimes fighting, especially for that first spot in the bus line.

Then, the big yellow bus shows up and whisks them away to a place of higher learning and I breathe a sigh of relief.  Stress gone.Today, we did that routine for the last time of the year.  It feels good!

First Day.Last Day.Second Son is losing his puppy face!

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