The Problem With Having a Curious Child

The problem with having a curious child, who also happens to be a know it all, is that they don’t mind asking their teacher what words like f-u-c-k and a-s-s mean.

Let’s forget about the fact that one of the words he was asking me about is so out of the realm of what is appropriate for a SECOND grader that I’ve spent the remainder of the week wondering if my kids wouldn’t be better off in Catholic school, and instead focus on the fact that the teacher might just think that it’s coming from my son and our family (like we’re assuming about X).

You see, when his potty-mouthed school mate, who bragged that he knew all the curse words, was throwing around all these choice words, my son, completely frustrated that he didn’t know what the other kids was talking about, asked the teacher, “What do ass and fuck mean?”

To which she said something about it being inappropriate and not to use those words.

I asked, “Did she know that it wasn’t you who was saying the words and that you just wanted to know what it meant because X was saying them?”

He said, “We’re not allowed to ask a question after she’s already answered us.” (whatever the hell that means), and “No, she knew it was X.”

Now, First Son is not always the most reliable source.  Forget whisper down the lane, with him the story can change with just one retelling, and once he’s become convinced of something, it’s very hard to change his mind.  He’s curious, a know-it-all, and hard-headed.  So, who knows what the teacher really thinks?

Throughout our conversation, and my advice that next time he has a questionable question to wait and ask me and not the teacher, he kept repeating the same thing, “I just want to know what it means.”  Thinking that X knows something he doesn’t, just doesn’t sit right with him at all.

Finally, I said, “Sometimes, these words don’t mean anything and people just use them when they are frustrated.”

I know, a total lie, but if I explain ass, I’m sure he’d find it hysterical and then, every time he thought I wasn’t listening, he’d be calling his younger brother an ass, which would mean Second Son would add it to his vocabulary as a matter of course.  The second word, come on, like I would even attempt to explain even a watered down version to a second grader.

So, First Son said, “So, you mean, instead of hitting someone you would just say one of those words, instead.”

Ugh!  Who knew parenting could be so complicated?

Happy Weekend!

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