The Shark in the Room

I’ve been putting the final touches on my Christmas decorations, and although I’m not quite finished, I’ve decided to share some pictures.

So, what do you think?

What’s that?

The shark?

Oh, yes, that’s our new house pet.  Isn’t he lovely?

As if I didn’t have enough crap laying around on my floors, now, courtesy of my brother and sister-in-law, who clearly have a sense of humor, I now have crap floating in the air.

Yes, Sharky, as we like to call him, keeps popping up everywhere, the foyer, the den, my bedroom, and the upstairs hallway, which turns out is the perfect spot to scare the living hell out of first son when he wakes up in the pre-dawn hours.  I should try parking him outside his bedroom door, maybe that would keep him holed up in his room until the sun comes up.

Little Lady loves him.  She can’t stop touching him, thus (predictably), ripping off his fins, multiple times, in true Lenny fashion.

She even insisted that he stay in her room when she napped, making me move him closer when we read a pre-bed story, so that he could see the book, too.

I’m not sure what the attraction is, because I would not want this guy staring at me while I napped, but let’s hope it’s not an indication of the type of men she’ll date. Though, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself in the worry department, seems I have enough to keep myself occupied for the moment.

So, everybody loves Sharky but me.  Party pooper?  Maybe, but if I could just figure out where to store a five foot floating shark, then maybe I could get on board the fan club, too.

Happy Weekend!



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