The Shower Part III: The Conclusion

Ten tips for throwing a successful Jack and Jill shower:Number 1:  A happy couple. Number 2:  Good food.Number 3:  Thoughtful gifts, my 87 year old grandmother cross stitched this picture.Number 4:  Everyday dishware, no more eating off mismatched plates!  They chose a simple white dish from Williams-Sonoma, very tasteful. Number 5:  A waffle iron, so your soon to be husband can make you breakfast in bed.Number 6: Ok, this one’s for the guys, basketball on in the background, so they can pretend they’re interested in watching gifts be opened, but really, they’re watching tv. Number 7:  A cute kid! So, I’m biased, so what?  He is cute. Number 8:  Cousins once or twice removed (who can keep track?) having a good time together, though the game, how long can you hold onto the hammock while I swing it as high as I can, was a bit nerve wracking to watch.  Number 9:  A beautiful day, so your guests can relax outside if they choose.

Number 10:  Lots of beautiful pictures to capture the moment (that you would like to share, but since you forgot to ask your guests if you could use their pictures online, you’ll just have to email privately.)

My final thoughts on the shower, a funny thing happens when you decide to throw a party.  You spend a lot of time planning everything from what to eat, to what to wear, and then the day comes and you blink, and everything is over.  Then, you look back and you realize of course you ordered enough food (too much to be exact), no one cares what you were wearing or what wine you served, and that it was worth all the work.  Because in the end, it’s not about what you eat, or what you wear, or what give you give, it’s about coming together to celebrate.  It’s about reconnecting and remembering how much you love your family, both the near and far.  It’s about letting a young couple know that they will always be surrounded by people that love them, that family can and does endure, and that married life can be just as sweet in the middle (or further down the road), as it is in the beginning.  It’s about knowing that none of us is perfect, that some may talk too much, some may talk too little, and some not yet at all, but that amongst family you are always accepted, warts and all.  A celebration, a day to laugh together and love together. A day to have fun together.  Happy Wednesday!

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