The Wedding Part I: Getting There is Half the Battle

I’m back, fresh off a good night’s sleep, ready to tell you about our latest adventure, the wedding!  The last few weeks have been a whirlwind to say the least, with every sport, activity and school coming to an end, only to leave one day later for a four day trip to Rhode Island, for my brother’s wedding.

Weddings are fun, weddings are meaningful, but weddings can also be stressful, especially when these three turkeys are involved.  This is was taken at the beginning of our journey, before they knew what awaited them.Kids like schedules, they just don’t always like other people’s schedules and being a part of someone’s wedding, especially your brother’s, means you must stick to the schedule.

Of course, just because you have a schedule doesn’t mean that everything goes accordingly, especially when mother nature gets in the way.  Barely an hour into the drive, the heavens opened up and poured down on us, and every state in between, the WHOLE ENTIRE DRIVE!  What should have been a five hour trip took almost eight hours.  If the rain wasn’t annoying enough, try following this car for two hours in bumper to bumper traffic.  Check out the bumper stickers on the right and left hand side of this vehicle.  Who puts bumper stickers like these on their car?  And if you’re the lady riding in the back seat, do you care?  I think I might feel a bit self conscious if that were me.  Anyway, as you can see, Connecticut was like a parking lot.  I-95, like a single lane highway, parts of the road, a lake, and despite leaving our house at 10:oo in the morning, we didn’t reach Rhode Island until close to 6pm.  As you can see, it wasn’t exactly a joyous ride.The problem, besides being stuck with three kids in the car for eight hours, was that we had a dinner reservation at 5:30, for fourteen people, and only four people were there on time, one of them being my brother, who lives in Rhode Island.  Everyone else, unfortunately, was coming from the same direction we were.

Thankfully, the restaurant, Spain, in Narragansett, was understanding (and it was a Thursday), they held our reservation until 7:30, when my family, the last to arrive, finally got there.  It was worth the wait. I was finally able to meet my cousin’s wife and reconnect with my mom’s side of the family.  My grandmother and one of my dad’s brothers was there as well. And of course, my sister’s family.  They endured most of the ride with us, but in their own car.  And as an aside, I have to tell you, texting has made road trips much more fun, not only could we coordinate stops, but we could also warn each other of yet another traffic jam and commiserate on the tortures of traffic delays and being forced to listen to Cat Stevens (ahem, Mr. Brother-in-Law).

Most importantly, though, I was able to see the man of the hour, second son’s middle name namesake, my father’s junior, the guest of honor, the groom himself, my brother!

It was fun.  Second son surprised me, the mingling socialite he isn’t, by networking his way through the night. Little lady hid from everyone except her cousins, and first son, he was in his own world,  an early riser no matter what the bed time, when seven thirty starts to roll around he goes into space.But we had a wonderful time, and the food was great!  I just wish I had had more time to hang out.

Needless to say, it was a pretty late night and some of us were getting pretty punchy by the end, I’ll let you guess who.  So, we skipped out on dessert and headed back to the helltell, I mean hotel!

If your family is like ours, than there is one rule of travel that we always forget, but always comes rushing back to us when everyone starts snapping at each other. The first night is always the hardest.  No one sleeps well, everyone gets up early and it always makes the first few days of any vacation stressful, that’s why mini-vacations, with young children, aren’t always ideal, just when you’re getting in the swing of things, it’s time to go home. This vacation was no exception.

Happy Monday!

Tomorrow, I’ll cover the rehearsal dinner, and just as a side note, school is out, so I don’t know what this is going to do to my mom by day, blogger by nap time schedule.  If you don’t hear from me for a few days, don’t worry, I’ll be back some time in between the fighting and chaos.

4 thoughts on “The Wedding Part I: Getting There is Half the Battle

  1. I have discovered through marriage that your mom’s side of the family is always running late 🙂 It’s always controlled chaos when trying to get everyone somewhere at the same time. While you were at the rehearsal/ dinner we were all once again running late to a very nice restaurant in Newport. I wish we could have spent more time together. Hopefully in August when we make the drive up to New Jersey from Texas, this time with our three kids and the new puppy ;o() That ought to be loads of fun…. hopefully being in the new to us motorhome might help, I said might.

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