The Wedding: The End and The Beginning

Weddings are about a lot of things.  They’re about preparation that starts sometimes more than a year before the actual day, as well as last minute preparations like the hair, the nails, the make-up…the important stuff.Where little girls are made to feel like princesses, grandmothers curled,moms blown out, and maids pinned up. Weddings are also about waiting (and not messing your hair up in the process).Waiting for the day to arrive, for the dresses to come, for alterations to be finished.  With only more waiting the day of the wedding, which is sometimes hard for the little ones, but not these ladies.  Some girls can sit and imagine,some girls need a little help from a fire truck (and a piece of cheese). Either way, these girls were great.Weddings are about the details,

about lending a helping hand.They’re about beautiful little girls with flowers,mothers and daughters,sisters and nieces,sister-in-laws and and even more nieces.They’re about mishaps that give you something to remember.  Notice the bus in the background, it broke down, so we walked the last leg of our journey, good thing it wasn’t raining and only a block.  Weddings are about moms and dads,mothers and sons,sisters and brothers,fathers and daughters, and family and friends.They’re about little girls and princesses, dancing with loved ones,and having a good ‘ol time!But most of all, weddings are about beginnings.  These eggs were in the planter, next to the door, of the bride’s parents house, a good omen for sure.  Two eggs, the beginning of life, the eggs that matched the bridesmaids’ dresses…I think God has a way of talking to us sometimes, you just have to listen.It’s about two families joining together to create a brand new family. An entity of itself born out of love, nourished by love, and sustained by love….a husband and wife at the beginning of a wonderful life together. Happy Wedding! Happy Life!

Have a happy 4th of July!  See you after the holiday.

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