Turning Ten

My baby, my first born, the person who truly taught me what it meant to love, turned ten. Double digits.  Halfway to twenty.  That’s my boy.  It makes me a little sad and a lot proud.

We celebrated the birthdays, again, with a trip to Hershey Park, for Hershey Park in the Dark, and this year, instead of Hershey Lodge, we stayed at the Hotel Hershey.  Aren’t we fancy!  IMG_1581We lucked out with small crowds and beautiful (though, a little cool) weather. IMG_1583

IMG_1591Which made for a great ferris wheel ride. IMG_1595

That’s my mom and dad, with the hotel in the background. I highly recommend the Hershey Hotel, especially in the summer. A visit there is a vacation in and of itself.


But, I couldn’t let First Son’s birthday go unmarked, since here in NJ, thanks to the good  old teachers convention, we never have school on his birthday.  So, on his actual birthday, I decided to surprise him and his brother with a trip to the Speedway for a little electric cart racing.  Talk about a thrill.

IMG_2394These boys have been wanting to take cars like these for a spin around the track for as long as I can remember, but not until the other day did I find a place where they could actually race. Usually, they don’t make the height requirements.IMG_2396Although we did have a two hour wait, due to what I’m sure was an incompetent staff, once the boys got to race, all hard feelings were swept aside replaced by pure joy. And this guy, came out the winner of both his races. Happy Birthday, Baby!IMG_2405I have to tell you, it was just as fun to watch.IMG_2422
IMG_2447 Even better, their Grandma was there to cheer them on. She hasn’t missed a birthday, yet!IMG_2409 Little Lady was the only one I felt sorry for, unable to race and with not much else to do but munch on vending machine snacks, she was a real trooper. There’s not even money in this game and yet, she still managed to make it fun.IMG_2412 We topped off the night with a little birthday song and a very indulgent Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie that is just about finished, a mere two days later.IMG_2469I wanted this boy more than anything I ever wanted in my life. His birth into this world made me happier than I ever thought I could be. get-attachment-39.aspxNo matter how many years pass, he’ll always be my baby.

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