Two Days, Two Communions

This is my very first Godchild and my very first niece.  I remember when she was born and when she was Christened.  I remember when she first started walking and when she first started school, and swimming, and wearing braces.  I remember when she wouldn’t sleep in her crib, take her headband off, or wear pants.  I remember when she started watching Backyardigans, and then Spongebob and now Good Luck Charlie.  I remember when first son and she would race strollers around, engaging in nonstop play, and I am happy to report that although the games may have changed, the play hasn’t.

One day, I’ll write about remembering her First Holy Communion and how beautiful and proud she looked.  I am a lucky Godmother.

I have another Godchild, who is also very special to me.  She is the daughter of my oldest and dearest friend.  I also remember when she was born.  I remember when her mom and I use to take our strollers up to the boardwalk and walk and talk, and analyze our children’s every moves, sounds, bowel movements and sleep patterns.  Who knew I would move to Florida so soon after we became mothers?  Who knew she would have two girls and a boy and I, two boys and a girl?

Though separated by distance our friendship endured, and lucky for me, she is just an hours drive away now, not a plane ride, and so I was able to celebrate my second Goddaughter’s First Holy Communion yesterday, which meant seeing friends that I don’t get to see as often as I like.  Friends who have known me for a real long time.  Friends whom I still love.

I am a lucky Godmother.

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