Valentine’s and Mirror Love

IMG_3865That day of the year came, again, when the world’s heart was aflutter with love. A day when we should have done everything in our power to profess our love for one another. Well, not really, but that’s what retailers want us to believe, so why not. Spend, people! Spend!

But, never fear, it’s not all ba-humbug around these parts, because who doesn’t love a little love and decoration in their lives? And any holiday (can I call it a holiday?) that involves candy, is a good one in my kids’ eyes. So, I spruced up the place, just a little, with a visit to the dollar section of Target. IMG_3893I do love these little candle holders and heart banners.IMG_3878At first, I thought I might actually try my hand at making a banner, but since I walked into Michael’s and realized there wasn’t actually a banners section, I went for the pre-made dollar one, just as good (let’s face it, probably better) and less messy than attempting one myself. Speaking of my Michael’s experience, it was while shopping for said banners that I realized, some people walk into this store and see possibility, I walk in and need direction. Oh, well, maybe next year.

Little kids love Valentine’s Day and my girl worked diligently on her Valentines only to be sidelined by, yet, another snow storm.IMG_3827Those hands!IMG_3845At least, we are finally getting our money’s worth out of the snow blower.

But the boys did have school on Friday. So, while I went to help out with one party, I made cupcakes for the other. Nothing like a little food coloring to say I love you!IMG_2054

Before I go, since we’re talking about love, can we just talk about my new mirror for a minute? IMG_3882Love it! I got it a Home Goods for $99 and couldn’t be happier. I’m still working on the rest of the mantle, it’s been pretty bare since Christmas, but in the meantime, the mirror keeps it from looking completely boring.

Enjoy your weekend.


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