Warp Speed

Ever since Sunday, my days have been flying. I can’t believe it’s Wednesday and I’m only posting for the first time. How can one little hour speed the world up so much?

In case you’re wondering, I made it to the flower show on Sunday, which didn’t turn out to be as enjoyable as I had hoped.  For one, it was crowded, like Disney Land crowded. The lines at the flower show, however, don’t exactly end with the same payout as Disney, which make them a lot less enjoyable.

I like flowers and I appreciate the beautiful displays, just not enough to jostle and compete to see them.  Add to that, that I had two of my children (whom I love dearly) with me, and well, let’s just say I ended up waiting in line for concessions and the bathroom more than I did to see flowers.

Sure, she looks happy here...

I’ve decided that the for my purposes, the flower show, for how I would like to enjoy it, from now on, will be an adults only show.

Speaking of flowers, I finally decided to take one of those baby steps I was talking about the other day, and bought some ready to go gardening kits from good old Wegmans. Since First Son has been hot on the gardening trail (not vegetables, but flowers), and my biggest inspiration for making an attempt at container gardening, I let him do the Zinnia Miracle Grow kit, which for him, was like doing a science experiment.  My kids love science experiments.  (This was an early morning event, hence the crazy factor.)

It was easy.  They give you seeds, little soil packets, small containers, and a bigger pot to replant your flowers in, once they start growing.Mix the water with the soil.Put the seed in the soil, and then put them in the insert.  This is the type of gardening I can get behind! (The kit is made by Miracle-Gro for kids.)I split the two vegetable kits between the younger two.  Second Son took watermelon and Little Lady, tomatoes. Second Son was a little disappointed to learn that it (if all goes well) it will take 70-85 days to produce a watermelon, but he was excited to do it nevertheless.  For the the vegetables, you mixed this soil disc with water, poured it into the coconut husk pot and then put it in the plastic bag.  Here they sit in their “greenhouses” working their magic.Again, very easy.  In fact, I felt a little silly after we opened up Second Son’s seed packet and out poured two dried up watermelon seeds.  Really, we could have just bought a watermelon, ate it, and reserved our seeds for planting.  Like I say, live and learn.

The work on the kitchen continues.  My husband finished the back wall, while I was at the flower show, and yesterday, he came home early so that I could be a mystery reader in Second Son’s class, which gave us some time to work on it a little more.  Most of that time was spent hand placing specially cut tiles.  The end is near, though (and we’re still married).  This is the last section to be completed.As far as being the mystery reader, it was the highlight of my day, yesterday. Ever since Columbine, the climate of schools has changed.  Long gone are the days when my mom would come to our classroom door to take us out of school for a doctor’s appointment. Now, a visit to the school involves being buzzed him, showing ID, and NEVER walking through the hallways without a prominently displayed visitor’s tag.  Parent involvement isn’t really encouraged and practically impossible for me because of the no sibling rule. It’s a shame, because I really feel disconnected from my childrens’ schools. So, when I was given the opportunity to come in a read a story to Second’s Son class, my husband had to take a half day, so I could do it.

The look on Second Son’s face, when I walked in his classroom, was priceless.  He was so proud to lead me to the guest’s chair and then take the special seat next to me, reserved for the child of the mystery reader.  I read “Duck! Rabbit!” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, which the kids enjoyed.  It’s a humorous book about the way two people can view the same thing very differently. I highly recommend it.

My time as the reader was over in less than ten minutes, much quicker than I expected.  I felt kind of bad that my husband took a half day for what was a total, with drive time, twenty minutes, but it was worth it!

That’s it for now.  What was supposed to be a quick post, took a lot longer than I expected, my wi-fi connection timed out while I was typing and I lost three quarters of my post. So, we’ll talk later.

I hope you are enjoying the warm weather (and that your allergies aren’t going crazy like mine are).  Have a great day.


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