Week Two-I’m a Mess

So, the second week of school has officially ended and I have managed to blog, twice. I am a mess, in more ways than one.

Most of the mornings, this week, were spent looking for a light fixture to fill this space.  IMG_1429This is my kitchen/dining room. You see the awkwardly placed light in the forefront of the picture, that’s where the previous owners had their kitchen table.  Do you see the ceiling fan? That’s the space where they had a full fledged den. The room is big, but not big enough for a kitchen, island, table, couches and a tv.

I spend a lot of time thinking about this space. To be honest, I spend a lot of time thinking about all the spaces in my house, maybe, too much.  And, I’ve rearranged this area more than once.  I’ve tried couches where the table is, with the idea that we would one day ditch the table in the kitchen and expand the island with enough seating for, at least four, and then use the front room for a dining room, though it’s not quite big enough to be a full dining room. But then, I got aggravated with having the table in another room, mess in the kitchen that was unrelated to cooking or eating, and really, no clear time table for getting a bigger island.  So, I moved the table back in the kitchen and we’ve been sitting in the dark ever since.

Tomorrow, we will have been in our house for one year.  I think it’s time to commit to a light fixture.  I’ve had my eye on this one for a while,

but since no decision is ever that simple for me, I had to go to many stores, take pictures with my phone,IMG_1415 and then, go home and view, oh, probably four hundred light fixtures online before going back to my first choice.  It’s on back order, but hopefully, I’ll have it in a week.

Then, there is the mess that is my house.  You see, I had to tell you about searching for a light fixture, so you would believe that I had some sort of excuse for my house falling into total disarray, because that was the state of things by Thursday afternoon. The exact day that a mother decided to accompany her daughter on a playdate to my house, even though I kindly suggested that she go take some time for herself.  In other words, please don’t come.  It wasn’t a planned playdate, but a spur of the moment, hey, can girl (not her real name) come over.  I said yes to my begging in the front of the other mother, daughter, with the idea that I would do a power clean while the girls were playing, before said mom came to pick her daughter up.

Alas, it was not to be. Instead, she witnessed the chaos that was my house. I can’t begin to describe how bad my house actually was, except to say it was bad, even for me, crumbs on the floor, dishes everywhere, breakfast still out, underwear and socks left in random places, you get the picture. In fact, there was not one redeemable space in the whole entire house. It was sad and embarrassing. Fly Lady would be very disappointed.

Yet, embarrassed, does not even begin to describe what I felt, yesterday. I was still thinking about it this morning, when I looked up from my computer screen and was confronted by this guy staring me down. I took it as a sign that I need to recommit to Fly Lady.IMG_1426 Apparently, without a cleaning coach, I fall off the wagon.

Enjoy your weekend.

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