Weekend Warrior

Today, I feel very unmotivated.  Our weekend was busy and I am beat. Here’s a recap.

First son was supposed to have a baseball game Friday night, but we have been getting socked with rain in the Northeast and so his baseball game was canceled.  Instead, we attended a carnival/fundraiser at our district’s middle school.  The kids enjoyed themselves but they didn’t get to bed until almost nine which is late for them. Unfortunately, no one slept past six the next morning.
Tired kids=Crazy kids=Tired Crazy Parents.

Thankfully, on Saturday we were spared from the rain for one day, so my in-laws, who came to visit, were able to watch their two grandchildren play baseball and then treat them to lunch at McDonald’s.  By four o’clock, when they left, we were all spent, which was a problem because our neighborhood was having a community yard sale on Sunday and we had planned on participating.  As of Saturday night, though, we had done nothing and were contemplating ditching the whole thing.However, since my three roosters woke me promptly at six am the next morning, I said, what they heck?  Let’s put some stuff out and see what happens.  (This is obvious from the pathetic display above.)  Besides, second son loves a good garage sale.  He’s a salesman in training, waving cars down and following people around as they browse.  He earned three dollars for all his hard work.  This made him very happy.Little Lady, she stayed outside too, sometimes with shoes, sometimes without.  She took the time to enjoy Thomas, and she even cried when some of her baby toys walked away with their new owners.  First son, I didn’t see him for hours.  He doesn’t like to get his hands dirty.  He stayed inside playing Wii, watching Clone Wars, declaring to anyone that would listen that it was his “relax day”.And honestly, I don’t blame first son.  You see, we don’t have a good track record when it comes to garage sales. The first garage sale that my husband and I had (many years ago) was with my dear friend, at her house, because her neighborhood was having a community garage sale.  She made close to $300. We made $90.  Our second garage sale was about a year later, when I was three months pregnant with first son.  This one was held in conjunction with my mom, at her house.  I can’t remember how my mom did, but I’m not sure if we even made $20, while the neighbor across the street cleaned house. Our third, pitiful garage sale was a year ago. We lost money.

Now you can understand our ambivalence.  But since we had done no work for it, and put no money out for advertising, we had nothing to lose.  And guess what?  We made $110!

I’ve come to the realization that I just don’t have my hand on the pulse of the garage sale crowd.  Last year, I was sure we were going to sell everything.  I had expensive baby equipment, some of it, like my pack and play, had hardly been used.  In the end, though, we almost couldn’t give the stuff away.  I mean sure, we had the people who refused to pay five dollars for something that day, come back later that night and pick it up off the curb for free, but no one would take the baby stuff, even Goodwill.  They’re too afraid of selling recalled items and being sued.  Thank goodness for the Vets who come pick stuff up or I would still have a high chair in my garage.  And then there were the trash-men who kept bypassing our dilapidated, moldy playhouse claiming their truck couldn’t handle it. Who knew trying to rid yourself of old things could be so tedious?

So, this time around, anything that I was sure I didn’t want to deal with later (computer monitor) because it requires some sort of special recycling, which usually means traveling to a certain place, at a certain time, on a certain day, I just put a sign on that said free. I also did this with filing cabinet from second son’s room.  It worked.  These two items are now out of my life.

My fake tree, gone, for $10.  I think we may have paid over $100 for it, but it was becoming such a thorn in my side that I just had to get rid of it.  I think I may have jumped the gun a bit.  The corner where it sat, now looks so bare that I said to my husband last night, “You know what that corner needs?  A big fake tree.”  Thankfully, he found this amusing.  He was against selling it.

Meanwhile, the Pottery Barn Kids lamp shade, new in the plastic, that I never used, no one wants.  My Maclaren Side by Side Double Stroller, one of the five strollers I owned (and yes, I used everyone of them), the Baby Bjorn, my jogging stroller and baby gates, untouched!  I don’t get it.  What happened to all those savvy garage sale people out there? Are they just looking for the Road Show Antiques stuff, because for what I was offering the baby items for, you could have put them on Craig’s List and made money, which I think is my next step.  My strollers aren’t going to the curb as freebies for all the night time feeders.

The garage sale also afforded me a glimpse of my husband in action.  After watching him work his magic yesterday, I know why he does so well at his job.  First things first, even though he likes the idea of a garage sale and getting rid of all our crap, he essentially hid each time someone came to the house.  He did this during our last garage sale and let me remind you that we made NO money.  I’m pretty sure I was on my way to the same place this time until he stepped out of the shadows and started casually assisting in the sales. The next thing I know, people are shaking their heads yes as he’s telling them how much our children enjoyed a toy or item, they’re paying us money and walking away with things, happy that they got a bargain.

I, on the other hand, have a hard time selling things I don’t believe in, like the fact that someone else would want my crap.  So, when I told the woman who was eyeing my jogging stroller, that mine was a little complicated (because you can remove the front wheel), it was no wonder that she didn’t buy it.  I was lucky to sell my sit and stand stroller after I told the woman that I hardly used it.  In my defense, I meant it as a positive thing, like hey, you’re getting something almost new for 1/4 of the price, but when she said, “Yea, that’s why I’m looking for a used one.” I realized that I had conveyed the message that she would hardly use the stroller.  What can I say?  Sales is not my forte.

So, to wrap this baby up, after the garage sale we threw everything in trunk, I went inside and spent two more hours going through the boys playroom while they were preoccupied with Kissopoly (who knew it would be so popular?), organizing and throwing more things out.  When I was finished, I headed off to Goodwill and then Wegmans for a long overdue food shopping trip. The next thing I knew it was 9:30 and all I wanted to do was lie in bed and watch the Weather Channel.  Pretty exciting stuff!

Tomorrow, an update on ten things for thirty days.  Happy Monday!  I hope you have more energy than I do.

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