Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend flew by and today leaves no real time to blog.  Instead, I think, and I only say think because I’m looking for excuses, I really need to get my house in order.  And I don’t just mean my physical house.  The boys of summer are back, which means two little men, playing in two different leagues, with one coach, their dear old dad.  Which means I need a personal assistant just to keep track of all the scheduling.  Since we are mid-way through some activities, like swimming and drums, ongoing with soccer, CCD, and gymnastics, and winding down computer class, we look like an over scheduled mess. Except, I would say that none of my kids is over scheduled.  When you have three kids and each kid does one activity (ok, maybe two), plus school, plus CCD, which is more of an obligation than activity, and then a new activity starts before the old ones have finished…well you get my point.

So, in the interest of a clean house and bills paid on time, and maybe even a quick work out, I thought I would do a short weekend wrap up.  Here it goes:

  1. Saturday morning, practice number one: First son now hits off the pitching machine, which is fun to watch.  Second son is old enough to go off with his teammate’s older sibling, who also happens to be our neighbor, and play on the playground during practice-awesome.  The downside, little lady wants to go too, it might be a long a season.
  2. Saturday afternoon, practice number two: Little lady had to nap, so I missed it, but having his dad coach and playing t-ball for the first time was the highlight of second son’s day.  He told us this at dinner.
  3. The Food Store: I had to go to the store before practice number two to pick up snack for second son’s team, which was annoying because I was just at the store the day before, picking up poster board for first son’s mammal project. Sometimes, I feel like I spend half of my life and income at the grocery store. Anyway, snack is the highlight of any game or practice at this age (which I find ridiculous, but I’ll save that discussion for another day).  Therefore, it was very important that I buy one.
  4. Saturday Night Dinner: While I was in the store buying said snack, I bought some Alaskan King Crab legs that were on special.  I was a little hesitant at first, but it turned out to be a good choice.  I cooked the crab legs on the grill, which was easy and fast. They were delicious, and something different than what we normally eat.  I was reminded, though, of why we don’t eat them very often-crab legs are a lot of work.  I also came to the conclusion, that minus the drawn butter, this would be a very good diet food, since it takes so long to eat that you either grow tired of doing the work of cracking the shells and digging out the meat, or you eat so slowly that you actually realize when your full, and so don’t over eat.
  5. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday: Church, food store (if you’re counting, that’s three times in three days),  and shopping, for me.  In my efforts to find an outfit for the upcoming shower (can’t believe it’s here already), last week, I entered into a state of what I call “grab and go”.  Basically, that means that I don’t ever have enough time to go shopping, and my wardrobe, as a stay at home mom, is deficient of dressy clothes.  So, with whatever time I can muster, I shop without trying on, which is also how I got my nick name, queen of returns.  I did eventually find an outfit, almost entirely in my closet (just disproving what I said earlier).  That left me with a bunch of ill fitting clothes to return to various stores.
  6. Returns and the Gap: I went to return some of those clothes and discovered that Gap was having a 30% off sale that ended yesterday, so no grab and go there.  I couldn’t resist a new pair of jeans, which meant I had to try on thirty of them.  I happily scored a pair of boot cut and straight leg.  I actually think the boot cut fits higher on the waist than in previous years, thus eliminating the muffin top that is inevitably created by low riders, especially after you’ve had three kids.  As an extra bonus, you can’t see my butt crack when I bend over. Way to go Gap, you’ve finally realized that most of use don’t like baring our asses to the world!
  7. Home Sweet Homework: I returned home to a not so happy family (little lady crying, boys fighting, dad trying to help with project…you get the picture) and helped first son with his project/poster, which I found very annoying.  I mean, do I really need homework?  But enough cynicism, all went well, and first son is excited to present it today.  He’s not the shy type.
  8. Sunday Night Dinner and Big Love: Finally, after cooking up an awesome blackened tuna dinner, complemented by a nice glass of red wine, putting my little men to bed (husband traded with me and took dishes and little lady, I took the boys, I’m not sure who made out better in the deal) I watched the final episode of Big Love.  I really used to like that show.  There was no reason I stopped watching it, except it went on hiatus one summer and I just never picked it up again.  So, I think this final year, I’ve maybe watched two episodes, which reminded me of how much I liked the show in the first place.  The reason I mention this is because, since I haven’t been watching the show, the ending made no sense to me!  (I really thought the three wives were going to get in a car accident in Barb’s new ride).
  9. Final Moment of Awesomeness: And finally, I did one awesome thing before going to bed, booked a vacation to Florida! Woohoo!

Turns out making a list didn’t quite take as little time as I thought, oh well.  Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. I’ll limit to 2 comments:
    1) Totally agree with my life savings going to the grocery store – it’s ridiculous when I get my credit card bill and wonder why it’s so high and see most of the charges went to Shoprite!
    2) We love king crab legs and I thought the same thing too: If I could afford to eat crab more often, I’d be skinny because the work you put into getting just a morsel in your mouth totally slows down the eating process so I’m never gorging myself.

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