What? Another Snow Day? You Must Be Kidding Me!

I woke up to a surprise this morning. No, not first son jumping in bed with me to tell me about his wonderful GeoTrax creation that glows in the dark, which is interesting in and of itself because we don’t have glow in the dark GeoTrax, and I feel pretty confident in declaring that no such thing exists, but I digress. His next sentence was, “Turn on the news. I want to see if we have school today.” Huh? It snowed? I must be slipping on my Weather Channel watching, which if you must know, is a fixture in my daily bedtime routine. As strange as I know some of my family members find this (my mom), I find it soothing, if not boring, especially when I lived in South Florida and watching my local on the 8’s was like watching a slot machine, sun-sun-sun-sun, everyday, except I didn’t win anything besides a nice tan. It’s a calming force in my sometimes chaotic life.

Anyhow, I think I took the news in stride, if pulling the covers over my head can be considered taking it in stride, not that first son would have noticed. He’s in his own world most of the time, which is a happy world, and his only concern was getting me out of bed to see those GeoTrax and of course begin fixing his second course of breakfast. ┬áHe was particularly hungry today because his first course of dry Cheerios and orange juice, served up by his father, before six, wasn’t cutting it for him. He considers Cheerios to be junky cereal, because, get this…it doesn’t have enough sugar in it and so he was “starving.” And, just in case you are wondering, there is a third course, too, usually peanut butter pumpkin oatmeal, or an English muffin. All this information, of course essential to you being able to go about your day.

Back to the point, the snow day. If yesterday was a day of painting, staying in pajamas,building tracks (which we never put away, hence the track buildingpalooza this morning), and baking (and fighting and crying), with yours truly playing Julie McCoy to my handsome brood, today, it is all about wearing them down. As luck would have it, second son plays soccer Tuesday mornings. It’s a nice little forty five minute skills and fun session, followed by play time in this enormous climbing contraption, soft pretzel and all the lemonade you can drink. (Let me just apologize in advance for the poor pictures, they were taken on my iPhone, but I think they illustrate my point, which is big massive play structure, little lady running away.)Second son and little lady, who takes full advantage of the play time, love it. The soccer coach was kind enough to let first son join in today, (she must have seen the look of desperation in my eyes) fun for everyone. So, after playing some soccer, they did some climbing, which I would have enjoyed much more, if little lady wasn’t so brave. She left me no choice but to follow her, at least half way up, which at that point she would scurry away from me faster than a cat. I gave up trying to maneuver through small tunnels and just let her go, except she didn’t want to come down, ever. I caught up to her eventually. Now, she’s sleeping, but not my little men, so out they go with me, to shovel. Who cares that the snow will be melted by late afternoon? (Why was school canceled?) Little boys are like animals, they need plenty of sunshine and exercise, it’s essential to their well being, and mine. Happy Snow Day and a Happier School Day, tomorrow!

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