What to Complain About First?

I don’t know what to write about today, my jackass realtor and the contingent contract that isn’t or the quickly accumulating list of things that annoy me at the pool, like the family (that I didn’t know) that decided to flock me while I was trying to watch my daughter in the baby pool.  It’s not like there was no other free space to sit, the whole entire edge of the pool was open, except for the one spot where I was sitting.  I didn’t want to move, even knowing that I was in the background of the fifteen pictures they took while simultaneously blocking my view of my daughter, but I did, eventually. I may be obstinate, but it’s not like I would let my daughter drown just to prove a point!

Since the realtor is what’s really irking me, and the pool annoyances go away when I leave the pool, I’ll go with the realtor.  You already know my feelings about Realtors (and spell check why is this capitalized?) and I’m sorry if someone reading this a realtor (but not capitalized in every case?) and if my asides are beginning to confuse you.  I really hate to lump people into one group, especially since I was a teacher, and let’s face it, everyone loves to bash teachers these days, but so many of them are bad (Realtors, not teachers), they do an injustice to the one ones that are good.

So, I haven’t told you (because I’m superstitious like that), but we’ve had a contingent contract on our house for a little over a month now.  However, as the tentative closing date of July 8 grew nearer, and they hadn’t lifted the contingency, we pretty much figured that it wasn’t going to happen.  Then, last week, we get word that the buyers want to extend the contract until July 30th.  They, like everyone else in this crappy market, are having a hard time selling their house and they really want to sell their house on their own, rather than taking a buyout from their company’s relocation company, which would mean less money in their pocket.  Did I mention they were relo people?  No. Well, they are, which was why we were pretty excited.  We thought it was sort of a sure thing, but not sure enough to go blabbing it around town.  I’m so glad I didn’t, because what we thought was just a matter of time has turned into a dead end.

Yesterday, I get this incomplete sentence email (with the name of our street spelled wrong) from my agent, wanting to know if we want to sign a contract extension with him, since the other contract fell through. I was confused.  Not sure what I was missing, I emailed him back and asked him if the buyers had backed out, but made no mention of signing a contract extension with him.  My phone was ringing in less than a minute.  I knew that jackass was all over his email, something I had started to question when I had previously emailed him and not gotten a response. It turns out he only responds when it’s important to him.

To not make this story any longer than it has to be, let me just say that apparently his office is having trouble with their email and that I didn’t receive an email he had sent a few days prior, informing us that the buyers did not want to extend the contract.  Now, I like email as much as the next person, but aren’t there times when perhaps a phone call might be more appropriate?  Like to tell us that the contract extension that we just signed a few days ago, at the potential buyer’s request, was never signed?

Then, to make matters worse, as he’s giving me some crappy sale on why I should resign with him, at least until the end of August, he says something to the effect of, oh, look, it happened again.  I just tried to send this email and it went right to auto save. I’ve got to get someone from tech support in here, chuckle, chuckle.  Great, Daren, I’m glad you figured out the problem, and thanks for writing an email while were on the phone together. I’m glad what you were doing was so f-ing important that you couldn’t wait the two minutes we were on the phone, to finish.  The phone call you initiated because you’re afraid of losing my listing.

Today, one of his minions emails me to let me know that the potential buyers are still interested and have two new bites on their house.  Now, I don’t know what’s going on in Virginia, but I’m having a hard time believing this, because tumbleweeds are blowing in our part of the country.  So, do I believe her?  Or, is this just a ploy to get us to resign with them? Probably.  You see why I don’t trust Realtors?

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