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With my son’s First Communion this Saturday, I feel at somewhat of a stand still. It’s too early to clean, even the bathrooms, since no one can go a day without peeing on the seats.  The floors, forget it, since the same applies to the floors as the toilets. Maybe I could dust? Maybe, but I hate dusting. I find it to be one of the chores best performed under the duress of, someone is coming over, rather than for the sake of cleanliness.

I’ve ordered the sandwiches and strombolis.  I’ll pick up appetizers and drinks, tomorrow, while the two younger ones are at school.  My mom has graciously offered to make the cake.  I’ll be making a second one, peanut butter chocolate, at the guest of honor’s request, but I can’t do that until Friday.  So today, is like the calm before the storm, if my household was calm, which it is not.

For the last two days, Number One Husband has been in Florida, interviewing for a job. You know, the circumstance that we had no control over, the reason I delayed putting my house on the market.  He’ll find out, today, if he gets it.  If he does, great.  If he doesn’t, great. We’re very happy here. We’ll make it work in Florida, too.  At this point, I would just like to know, all this waiting has been as nerve wracking as it is exciting.

His obligations have also meant that I’ve been flying solo for the last jammed packed forty-eight hours.  It seems our only calm was a Monday morning walk, on what was a beautiful day.   Then, we started running.  First Son had Communion practice right after school. We bolted out of there ten minutes early (much to the director’s dismay), so we could get to drums, ten minutes, late (much to the teacher’s dismay), and leave there at exactly 6pm, so we could go through the drive-thru of McDonald’s so we could be at Second Son’s baseball game, ten minutes, late (much to the coach’s dismay).  A busy evening followed by a late (much to their mother’s dismay) bed time, an event in and of itself.

I never understand bed time.  My children should just drop dead of exhaustion, by the end of the night, but that’s never the case. Especially, for Little Lady, who seems to be going to bed later and later every night.  She looks exhausted. So does he. He should perk up after his morning coffee. Kidding!!  You think I would give my kids coffee?  I’m not crazy.

Yesterday, was no better, preschool in the morning, a dentist appointment scheduled for myself in between, with the world’s slowest and chattiest hygienist, a quick stroll through Ulta, for products that I regret buying, pick-up, lunch, prep for dinner (slow cooker beef), pick-up, again, swim for Second Son, another baseball game, and then home a little after eight, for the dreaded bedtime.

Today, things ease up a little, with just Communion practice, the last one, and a science experiment for Second Son, since he is scientist of the week.  I should just leave it at that, but then, I look around and see that yes, I should probably start cleaning, at least the parts of the house that they can’t undo (which are few and far between), and resign myself to the fact that the today will be just as busy as the rest of the week.

That’s it.  I hope I haven’t bored you too much.  I have more to say about Ulta and the dentist, but for now, I must go and take care of Second Son, who has been up my butt about his science experiment, and who is making it his mission to torture his sister, until I get off the computer and perform said experiment.  I wish he was this enthusiastic about practicing the piano.

Have a good one.


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