Why I Love Thanksgiving

In my book, Thanksgiving reigns supreme.  My favorite holiday involves no presents or pressure (I don’t cook the feast), just a long weekend centered around family, food, and traditions.  I’ll leave the black Friday shopping to others, it’s not my thing.  On our Friday, it was a trip to the beach, made that much better by beautiful weather.  From the oldest to the youngest, everyone had a good time.  It also proved, once again, that all the fancy toys in the world don’t compare to a pile of sand and sunshine. That afternoon, another tradition, Story Book Land, always magical, always awesome. It offers something for everyone.That’s our people in the first two cars.  I like to enjoy each holiday as it comes.  I can’t start thinking about Christmas until after Thanksgiving.Every year, at dusk, when Santa Claus appears out of the chimney to light the lights, I know the Christmas season has begun.Hope your weekend was just as magical.

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