Why Start One Project When You Can Start Nine?

Thankfully, we have more than two bathrooms in our house, because after a full day of breaking up tile (by my husband), one bathroom has been rendered unusable,  and the other, lost both its sinks. The bathroom renovations have begun, which means the pink carpet in my bathroom is finally gone.  Can you hear my shouts of joy?  Who puts carpeting in a bathroom, anyway?

The tile guy is supposed to show up this Friday.  The cabinets are supposed to arrive on Monday.  The electrician was supposed to come back on Tuesday.  He did not, so now, he’s supposed to come on the 15th.  And my husband, supposedly, thinks he can install the counter top.  That’s a lot of supposing.

My husband also thinks he can do the plumbing, he just has to go buy a blow torch, or so he says.  But, I suggested, since the plumber has to come out again to reconnect the toilet, after the tiling is done, that we just let the plumber take care of it.

This is the third time my husband has mentioned that he could do the plumbing, if only he had a blow torch.  Not that I don’t have faith in him, because I do, but, I’m starting to get the feeling that he really just wants a blow torch.

The way outdated wallpaper, in both bathrooms, is also taking a hike. As you can see, I started picking at it in the master bath, just to get a feel for how much effort’s going to be needed to take it down. Wallpaper can either peel off easily, or be excruciatingly painful to remove. Unfortunately, I think it might be the latter.

As per usual, we are surrounded by half finished projects.  Here’s the ever evolving to do list:
1.  In wall and ceiling speakers for surround sound-finished
2.  Holes in walls made by installer-almost all spackled, not sanded or painted-unfinished
3.  Recess lights in living room-finished
3.  Hole in living room wall made for wiring recessed lights-spackled, not sanded or painted-unfinished
4.  Recess lights in kitchen-finished
5.  Hole in kitchen ceiling from cheesy light fixture-still there-unfinished
6.  Master Bath-just started-unfinished
7.  Powder Room-just started-unfinished
8.  Landscaping-overgrown bushes, FINALLY pulled, none replanted as of yet-               unfinished
9.  Recess lighting in master bath-electrician didn’t show up-self-explanatory

Hmm…are you thinking maybe we should finish something before we start something new?

Did I ever tell you about my rug kits? (Just bear with me here.)  If you don’t know what a rug kit is, well, I don’t really know how to explain it, but it was an arts and crafts project for kids, that sort of ended up looking like a rug when you were finished, except, I never finished one.  My sister would diligently work on each kit, completing her rug with pride. I, on the other hand, would end up with a half-completed mess.  I don’t know why I never finished one, all I know is that I would start with full gusto, but, somehow, lose interest along the way.

I notice that still happens from time to time. I often have to force myself to finish the dishes, or put that last sock away, and like the rug kit, I can’t explain why, I just know that I have to fight the urge to walk away.

Lucky for me, I married someone, who didn’t finish his rug kits, either (and doesn’t mind doing the dirty work).  Ok, so he probably never even heard of a rug kit (and probably dislikes the dirty work), but you get what I mean.  Not only can he tolerate my half-assed ways, but he seems to have the same haphazard way of completing things that I do.  And, we both seem to hit the same breaking point at the same time, and then everything gets accomplished.

People like to talk about how opposites attract, well, from my experience, this is not the case when it comes to completing home projects.  The more like your spouse you are, the less likely you’ll file for divorce over a tiling project.

So, even though we are in the middle of nine projects, and I’m constantly trying to add new ones to the list (my husband’s keeping me in check), I have full faith that it will all get done (as soon as the house goes up for sale again).  I’m just going to keep repeating that to myself, as I walk around cleaning up tile and drywall dust.

Have a great day!


One thought on “Why Start One Project When You Can Start Nine?

  1. Awesome demolition! Dying to do that in my master bath but after hearing Dad’s warnings several times about how tile from the ’60’s was installed in a way that makes it really hard to remove, I’m keeping my urge to rip it out in check. Like you said, I’m a finisher. We replaced the light in the girl’s bathroom over the weekend and I already spackled, sanded, and painted the old holes in the wall. Husband, who I think you can suspect is not a finisher, actually commented about how fast and well I complete a project. I’ll take that complement.

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