Wishes Do Come True

The other day, I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with my oldest, just the two of us.  What was a once upon a time, everyday occurrence, is now a special treat.
We were shopping for his First Holy Communion suit, an event, hard to believe, that is on the near horizon.

While we were at the mall, he spotted the fountain, that over the years, has been the recipient of his many coins and wishes.  It was a favorite place to visit whenever he found himself at the mall, and sometimes, on a rainy day, when our schedules used to be clear, and our days, long, a destination in and of itself.

Except this time, he didn’t beg me for a coin.  Instead, he looked at the fountain and told me it didn’t work.  He told me that none of his wishes had ever come true.

Curious, I asked him what he had wished for. He quickly rattled off a bunch of things that ranged from toys to guns to actual cars.  As he spoke, I was already formulating an explanation in my head.  Something along the lines of maybe his wishes just hadn’t come true, yet, but one day, would.  And then, along with all his other wild and improbable desires, he said, “And I wished for another baby sister.”

I loved that wish.  It’s so First Son.Clearly, my answer wouldn’t work, because that wish is never going to come true. So, I was left speechless, searching for an explanation of how to believe in the wishing well, when wishes don’t always come true.

We just kind of dropped the subject and moved on to other things, but our conversation stays with me.  Because, my wish, for my whimsical, wonderful, first son, is to believe that wishes can and do come true.

I love this boy. 

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