Your Carrots Are Not My Chocolate

So much of life is perspective.  What’s important to one (big screen tv), or a source of angst for another (dirty windows), or the cause for great debate (to move or not to move), can seem downright silly to another.  I was reminded of this this morning.

Second son, he’s the quiet type.  He’s not inclined to tell you his every waking thought, (like some sons I know), or even let on, when he knows your itunes password and uses it freely to download apps on your iPhone.

Talking back to the television, that’s not something he usually does either.

So, imagine my surprise this morning, when, as he was watching Curious George, I heard him yell out indignantly,  “A carrot?!  That’s not the hardest decision in the world!”

Say what?

George, he explained, was trying to decide whether to give a carrot to a bunny rabbit or keep it for himself, and the narrator remarked that this was, for George, the hardest decision in the world.  Knowing how first son feels about carrots, I now understood his indignation.

“Cake or chocolate,” he said after a short pause, “now that’s the hardest decision.”

Silly, George!  Your hard decision was a breeze for my boy.

Maybe second son will apply this lesson of relativism to other areas of his life, like the next time he comes to me with a screwdriver in hand looking for batteries (at least twice a day, the boy has some serious fascination with batteries), or needs a snack, or wants Pokeman cards, or a juice box, or chocolate, or whatever it is he needs right at that very moment.

Do you think he will get it if I say, hey kid, your carrots are not my chocolate?

I doubt it.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that second son, in his own Yoda way, is saying to me, hey mom, while you might not find my need to put working batteries into every toy that I own (but have not touched in months and will not touch again for months after today), important, it is the most important thing to me, right now.  So hop to it, lazy ass, and get those batteries!

I suppose it could go either way.

Exhausted from all of our philosophizing this morning, and in honor of the important things in second son’s life, we ate cake after breakfast.

Thanks, mom, for celebrating with us yesterday, and for a delicious cake that I didn’t have to bake for myself!


One thought on “Your Carrots Are Not My Chocolate

  1. Nice picture of you guys celebrating! Seriously, I’m going to get second nephew a package of batteries in every size for his birthday. When he was at our house, he persisted that I find batteries for every Hess truck but of course we ran out of them. And I don’t think he could believe that we actually didn’t have anymore. Next time, we’ll be stocked!

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